We are digital consulting and software construction specialists.
We create remarkable user experiences putting together beauty and function.

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What we do

We have the necessary tools and experts for the launch and/or growth of your business.

We have built a specialized services portfolio that provides excellent quality and high impact solutions through the application of our Working methodology and permanent support in the implementation of any project.

Mobile & Web development

We pay close attention to details. Our mobile applications and websites are specially designed by taking into account the ease of use, not only given by the correct interface but by deep understanding the user's needs; their expectations, dreams, ambitions and desires. Beyond creating interactions, we create emotion.

Branding & Digital Marketing

Communicate meaningfully to generate value: One of the most difficult challenges today for any company. The user experiences when consuming the offered product or service depends largely on this communication. Therefore it is essential that your brand is responsible for transmitting messages consistent and aligned with the objectives of your Company.

UI/UX Design

The digitalization of experiences forces us to think and redefine the role of use: the origin and end of any element, whether material or digital. Everything is used; everything requires interaction. The objects and applications do not exist for the sake of existing, and the software, as an intermediary of experiences and sensations, is no exception.

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team passionate about design, technology and creation of remarkable experiences with high aesthetic value.

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George Alvarado

Architect, designer and software developer; Industrial designer; UI/UX designer. Practitioner of the forgotten arts of listening, writing and musicalizing. I don't believe in hobbies: for me they are passions. Time is a peanut.

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Sara Senior

Zootechnist with NNRR management specialization; Systems Analysis and Biology student. Public Relationship by vocation; Woman of many words. Animal lover, darwinist and elementally Holmesian. Business analyst, curator of beaches and seas.

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Ivonne Ballesteros

Electronic engineer with project management and telecommunications engineering specialization, flexible and adaptable to teamwork, simple and great chatter.

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Diego Pedraza

Industrial designer; brand builder, passionate about exceeding expectations; apprentice and intern in the world of tattoo; musician of the empiricist school. Maintaining the balance between people, motivations and disciplines, and the objectives of a project, is fundamental for me.

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Jorge Luis Moreno

Systems Engineer with experience in client ​​support and programming. Video games and good football lover. Few words and many coded letters.

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Manu Ruiz

Industrial designer; Polymath in process, student of weird thinks, Imperfect worlds creator, trace, form and matter manipulator. I follow instructions in moderation, but I am not very good at giving them. Occasionally toaster.

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Cristian Padilla

Industrial Designer, maker, musician and animator. Part time potter, part time mixing technological and artistic projects. Metal marbles breaker and egg box sound interpreter. Patient, stubborn and insistent.

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Inanimate Carbon Rod

Character-object that appeared only once in the chapter 'Homer in deep space'. She was elected employee of the week at the Nuclear Plant of Springfield and saved Homer's life when he traveled to space. And yes, it's filling the gap :D.

We have been define four major methodological milestones which, after analyzing needs and expectations, we can adjust to satisfactorily meet the goals set in the start project planning.


Every project begins with a dream, an illusion, an expectation. Magnificent products and services that could break the paradigm of the traditional. It is a crucial moment, and it is necessary to focus that energy so it can be materialized. It is imperative to organize the ideas and define that imaginary. That subject must interact with the world, must have functions, must be beautiful. It must be as you desired.


Designing is the act of designating. It is a conscious action supported by technique and justified by a concept; It is the difference between satisfaction or frustration. To design is to identify the vital and at the same time give character to the luxury; It is balancing form and function. It is to harmonize the expected with the obtained; It is the rational and the emotional that together works to offer us sensitive responses about our interaction with the world.


Connecting the abstract with the functional is a complex task. The concept must establish the constructive lines of the solution, and the formal and functional aspects must work permanently for each other. Construction keeps functional and aesthetic priorities in balance; One is nothing without the other. The result will communicate the meaning. The experience will be real.


It is the end of an hard journey. The result of the work of an experts team focused on making dreams come true. It is the moment where that ideal will face the real world. It is the most awaited moment. It is the beginning of a new path. It is here where the adventure begins. Is now. Now!


We are excited to show you some of our featured projects

SisbenAPP - Sisben IV

Client: EnTerritorio - Departamento Nacional de Planeación

Web & Mobile development

Project Link

Information System that breaks the paradigm of the traditional survey. From the capture of information validating in situ and encrypted transmission of information, until consolidation and publication of the Sisben score; SisbenAPP provides integrity and quality to the data throughout the process. Finalist in the Ingenio 2018 Awards - Government Category as Best Software of Colombia

Sí Joven

Client: Presidencia de la República - Consejería Presidencial para la Juventud Colombia Joven

Web & Mobile development

Project Link

Sí Joven allows Colombia Joven to collect, publish and share opportunities, procedures and institutional services that the Colombian State offers to young people between 14 and 28 years old, so they have access to different topics through a unique site.


Client: Foccus S.A.S.


Project Link

Brand Creation for Foccus S.A.S. Faced with the challenge of differentiation, the brand plays an essential role in the contemporary business world. Knowing that consumer loyalty is decreasing, it is necessary to create a powerful brand that generates ties and links through the aesthetic elements developed. The brand becomes a competitive advantage.

Poteka's Orange

Client: Poteka S.A.S.


Project Link

Yep. A color box # FFC303: Poteka's orange. It connects with enthusiasm and warmth. It is related to creative industries and is said to encourage thinking and knowledge. It is the color of the stimuli.


Client: Poteka S.A.S.

Web & Mobile Development + Branding & Digital Marketing

Project Link

SaaS platform of personalized notifications that allows unidirectional communication between an administrator and users groups or particular users.

SEVEN: Travel Pooling

Client: Observatorio de Movilidad - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Mobile development

Project Link

Travel Pooling is a concept created by Poteka and developed in a mobile application for the SEVEN electric vehicle project of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA.

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